Never Worry Again With the Guarantee of Nuclear Bunker Protection

Blazing performance, supreme flexibility & superior Canadian based support.

Why Choose Us

The Guarantee of the Nuclear Bunker Data Center ensures that under all conditions your information is safe and secure. We are dedicated and passionate about creating the best suited solutions for your business.

Have your systems administered by experienced professionals who will go beyond default configurations and bring out the best in performance and security to your systems environment.

Located in Nova Scotia, Canada, your data is housed in an underground nuclear bunker designed to withstand an atomic blast, or mother natures worst. With strict security protocols and limited access to our infrastructure, you don’t need to worry about your data protection anymore.

Backups are a must for your business. We ensure that under all conditions your backups are available 24/7. Added EMP protection ensures your backups will survive even the harshest threats.

Using the latest in ZFS storage technology and Infiniband delivery, we have optimized our cloud infrastructure to provide enterprise level performance to all your applications.

Our Promise

To ensure the privacy, and protection of your data under the most extreme conditions will always remain available, safe, and delivered with efficiency. To make the delivery of your data our #1 concern.

Guaranteed Nuclear Bunker Protection

  • Never Worry Again
  • Professional Caring Staff
  • Security & Performance
  • Added Value With Increased Returns

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Data Transferred
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Transactions Encrypted

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