14 Mar

Bitshares Blockchain Elects Nuclear Bunker to Protect Against All Threats for the Next 500 Years

Without knowing if miners are taking proper precautions in the face of cosmic threats, Bitcoin’s future remains uncertain. Bitshares’ stakeholder electorate has chosen a nuclear bunker to ensure all threats will never stop the Bitshares blockchain, making it the safest chain to keep your virtual currencies.


In an article titled “Bitcoin’s Cosmic Threat: Beware the Magnetic Field” published on Bitcoin News by risk management expert Julio Gil-Pulgar, there are numerous threats outlined which indicate that no matter how much hashing power is put into to the Bitcoin blockchain to secure it, a force of nature could cause the whole thing to go completely dark.


Throughout history the earth has experienced massive Electromagnetic Pulse events as a result of a combination of solar events and the shifting magnetic shield of the earth. As recently as 2012 we had a near miss solar event that could have shot society back to the 1800s, instantly rendering our power grid and all electronic devices useless.

In addition to this recent solar event, shifting magnetic poles means the earth’s protection from massive magnetic solar blasts could become compromised and also send us back a few hundred years instantly.

Julio Gil-Pulgar in his article states:

“Moreover, Earth’s magnetic pole reversals are occurring all the time. NASA warns us “Reversals are the rule, not the exception.”

Therefore, we should hypothesize that these magnetic field disruptions could eventually disorient the magnetized bits that store our civilization’s data on computers and electronic devices all over the world.

If so, let’s hope that miners and others safeguarding Bitcoin and its blockchain data implement preventive measures against these cosmic threats. For example, they could install strong magnetic shielding to protect data storage devices and ensure the implementation of effective data backups”


With such threats looming, even though we appear to be on the cusp of a blockchain renaissance promising a worldwide decentralized electronic monetary transfer system, it’s no wonder some people still love cash money.

While Bitcoin holders are hoping miners are taking such actions, through the power of Delegate Proof of Stake (DPOS) Bitshares stakeholders are taking no chances. Through stake based voting, every holder of Bitshares can vote for Witnesses that are trusted to maintain active nodes in the Bitshares network and ‘witness’ the production of blocks.

One such witness, “DataSecurityNode”,  is operating its node from an underground 64,000 sq/ft nuclear bunker data center designed to handle the force of not just a nuclear blast, but also EMP effects which are orders of magnitude greater than any solar magnetic event.

While this is great news for the blockchain, end users who do not protect their private keys appropriately will never be able to access their funds unless they have kept their keys on a paper backup. Sadly, statistics show that 30% of people NEVER do a backup, and 39% of data loss is due to simple ‘accidents’.

Bitshares, with the recent introduction of Private Transactions, is about to introduce server side backups for it’s wallet providers. Although the current wallet has backup functions, this added level of protection is necessary to avoid the potential of losing your account.

A new wallet provider called Freedom Ledger, who has commissioned space within the same nuclear bunker, will be rolling out this new feature and will be providing private-key backup to its underground infrastructure. This will help users who are seeking both security and convenience, as they will be able to maintain a proper backup for their cryptographically secured BitShares wallets while also gaining protection against any unforeseen or catastrophic events.


Recently with the acceptance of the Bitshares blockchain to Microsoft Azure there has been a rally on the price. As new users discover the incredible functionality of its 3rd generation blockchain, many do not realize the threat looming over all cryptocurrencies as Julio Gil-Pulgar wrote about. Thanks to DPOS, Bitshares has been able to successfully achieve efficient consensus to ensure that even in such extreme circumstances, the blockchain remains safe. I can only imagine what the value of Bitshares will become if these threats come to pass and only Bitshares remains.

Jonathan Baha’i

A blockchain solutions expert who owns and operates a 64,000 nuclear bunker data center located in Nova Scotia Canada.

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12 Aug

Nuclear Bunker Data Center Video

Data Security Node Presents their 64,000 sq/ft nuclear bunker data center introduction pre-improvements. Currently operating at a Tier 2 Uptime capacity, they are now ready to go to the next stage to fill the bunker with secure staffing and infrastructure improvements to provide Tier 4 availability. Water cooled, green energy, military grade security, and dedication to innovative technology developments are among it’s highlights. Under even the most extreme conditions man made or natural, your data is safe here.

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10 Jul

Nuclear Bunker Data Center to Partner with BitShares

July 10, 2015, Debert, Canada

Data Security Node Inc. (DSN) is a 64,000 sq/ft nuclear bunker data center located in Nova Scotia, Canada. DSN provides hosted services and unique value added offerings, and is announcing a partnership with Bitshares, a one of a kind decentralized smart contract platform. Together, they are introducing a number of crypto-asset driven solutions to help usher in a new age of financial freedom and transparency.

Jonathan Baha’i, President of Data Security Node, explains, “We have come to a place, technologically, where a revolution is about to happen at all levels of society – thanks to a new breed of blockchain driven technologies. BitShares 2.0 is at the crest of this movement, and we are absolutely thrilled to be joining forces with them.”

The new partnership comes by way of a service offering from DSN called BunkerDEX which enables the exchange of crypto assets between multiple blockchains. Through the BitShares network, customers will be able to exchange virtual assets of all kinds, from popular crypto currencies like Bitcoin, to SmartCoins that hold the value of Dollars and Euro, to alternative banking solutions like bill and payment services that provide lower fees and less risk than most brick-and-mortar banks.

“BunkerDEX will be the foundation for several offerings that connect to services from our bunker,” Jonathan continues “such as BunkerMining, The Canadian Rewards Debit, and S.A.F.E. (Synchronized Asset Futures Engine). We have some pretty amazing tools to work with now, thanks to the BitShares 2.0 platform.”

“Our nuclear bunker data center is the perfect place to host critical data, like financial transactions, that need a high level of protection.” says Jonathan, “Most of us don’t expect nukes to fall from the sky any time soon, but the increasing appearance of natural disasters is actually a huge threat to data centers all around the world. Even data centers with sophisticated contingency planning have shown that they are helpless in the face of large scale natural disasters. For example, an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), either manmade or by solar flares, would instantly destroy the electronics in most data centers. Due to the sophisticated construction of our bunker, we are the only solution in Canada that provides protection from these types of threats.”





BunkerMining is a crypto mining pool that will soon pay miners in SmartCoins such as bitUSD and bitEuro, or by having real gold or silver drop-shipped to their door. BunkerMining will operate as a zero fee network thanks to the efficiencies it gains by operating through the BunkerDEX.


Paying miners in stable cryptocurrencies or real world assets such as gold and silver will be an in-demand feature according to Jonathan, “Crypto miners have invested heavily in their operations, and have often been burned by the volatility (daily fluctuations in value) that crypto coins like Bitcoin experiences. In fact lately, we have even seen volatility in the markets for many national fiat currencies. With BunkerMining however, miners will have the freedom to choose which currency (SmartCoin) to cash in their earnings, or even to bypass currencies altogether and opt instead for real gold and silver.”

Via the BunkerDEX, the BunkerMining operation will create a whole new index class that will be minable with the most popular hashing algorithms available.

“This will be a game changer for miners.” explained Jonathan, “The markets for various coins are constantly changing. Those that invest in mining hardware take on a risk that the value of the coins they mine today might not profit tomorrow. By using the BunkerMining pool, miners that use Scrypt mining rigs for example will also be able to benefit from increased value in Bitcoin, which is not a scrypt mined coin, as part of the index.”

“What’s even more exciting is the level of transparency we will be able to bring to our mining pool, and potentially our index could become another metric for measuring the current state of crypto.” muses Jonathan, “Thanks to the support of the BitShares delegate system, during our initial growth phase will should be able to offer miners a higher ROI than anywhere else, and bonuses on payouts will constantly keep us among the most profitable mining pools.”

The Canadian Rewards Debit

Thanks to the BitShares’ high capacity network, the BunkerDEX will enable anyone with a SmartPhone to cash their cheques, pay bills online, and send money to their friends and family in any SmartCoin they choose.

“Historically, Canadians have been the earliest adopters of new electronic payment technologies.” Jonathan recalls, “and we will appeal to them with a system that is convenient, easy to use, and secure – thanks to the decentralization of the BitShares network. Also, we have much lower overhead costs than a brick-and-mortar bank, so we will have much lower fees.”

DSN will provide secure gateway transactions that will enable Canadians to easily transact their everyday banking and purchases in Canada and around the world. BitShares is decentralized, so every account holder has sole access to their funds. Because of this, account holders can enjoy the convenience of everyday banking transactions without the risk of bank failure. Add this to the first of its kind referral program that will be built into BitShares 2.0, and marketing to Canadians will be a no brainer.

Synchronized Assets Futures Engine (S.A.F.E)

Saving the best for last, Jonathan beams, “I have to say, I am most excited about the S.A.F.E. system we have created in tandem with Bunkershares, because it seems that technically we may have created an entirely new class of financial instrument. With the BitShares 2.0 network, we will be presenting a never before seen mechanism for online businesses to utilize. We think that S.A.F.E has the potential to spur a whole new industry.”

To raise money for expanding operations, Data Security node will soon begin selling an asset called BunkerShares, which will be issued onto the BitShares Decentralized Exchange as User Issued Assets. SAFE will be a platform that provides businesses in high demand industries a way to raise money from investors without issuing securities. Instead, investors get to act as the middleman on every sale, and their investment is always protected against the potential for a liquidity crunch.

Return on investment for SAFE “shareholders” in a company have the potential to be much higher than traditional securities instruments, and could be comparable to what an equity investment return would have in the short term. Through the BitShares network, all transactions are decentralized and made public, so the entire system can be audited at any time by any shareholder. They do this simply by using a SAFE company’s online shopping cart to make a purchase.

SAFE aligns the incentives of investors and companies more harmoniously than traditional stocks, so investors in small businesses don’t have to wait years or longer for the chance to liquidate their holdings.


“Because this is a brand new concept, we made a video (SAFE Investment) to help explain it in detail. In the video, we compare Wal-Mart gift cards to how S.A.F.E. can work for online businesses.” Jonathan continues, “I am confident from the feedback from prospective investors thus far that this new financial instrument backed by our technology is going to gain traction in the coming year as companies seek to diversify their capital sources.”

“With our nuclear bunker data center utilizing the BitShares 2.0 platform, I see a bright future ahead for us.”

The BunkerShares 50 day sale will commence this fall, with the BunkerDEX following shortly afterwards.


BunkerShares – www.bunkershares.ca
Data Security Node – www.datasecuritynode.com
BitShares – www.bitshares.org
Cyptonomex – www.cryptonomex.com

About Data Security Node Inc.

From the nuclear bunker data center located in Debert, Nova Scotia, Canada, Data Security Node provides hosted solutions to companies and government organizations worldwide. Since cloud infrastructure often requires high levels of security, DSN provides the high end infrastructure necessary to compete in today’s marketplace.

About BitShares

The BitShares Decentralized Exchange is a peer-to-peer blockchain based asset exchange platform. It has done away with destabilizing practices like fractional reserve lending and order front running, and provided opportunity for people living in volatile regions of the world to hold their savings in a stable instrument of value. Similar to Bitcoin, the BitShares network cannot be breached or forced to shut down, and anyone running the free and open source software can participate. For more information or to start trading today, please visit Bitshares.org.

About Cryptonomex, Inc. (BitShares core development)

Cryptonomex provides software development services to meet the growing demand for custom, high-performance, blockchains and related technology. Our engineers have designed and built one of the most advanced blockchain architectures on the market, capable of processing over 100,000 transactions per second with an average confirmation time of less than 1 second.

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23 Jun

SAFE Investing Video Released for BunkerShares Promotion

Synergistically supply global testing procedures through ethical scenarios. Assertively develop empowered customer service and sticky leadership. Enthusiastically parallel task principle-centered portals via multimedia based scenarios.
Synergistically negotiate dynamic total linkage after sticky information. Objectively monetize 2.0 manufactured products and open-source web-readiness.Dynamically recaptiualize corporate “outside the box” thinking with worldwide e-commerce.

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11 Jun

Economic Developers of Nova Scotia Are Bunkering


During a meeting of Economic Developers from every major Municipality across Nova Scotia, they took time to come out to the bunker and see what we have developing here.

For nearly two hours they got to hear about the history, challenges, and opportunities we have here to bring to the market place.

Everyone went away exciting about the prospects and eager to work with us in the days ahead.

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16 Jan

Premier of Nova Scotia Visits Bunker

Synergistically supply global testing procedures through ethical scenarios. Assertively develop empowered customer service and sticky leadership. Enthusiastically parallel task principle-centered portals via multimedia based scenarios.
Synergistically negotiate dynamic total linkage after sticky information. Objectively monetize 2.0 manufactured products and open-source web-readiness.Dynamically recaptiualize corporate “outside the box” thinking with worldwide e-commerce.

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